About me

I am a Ph.D. candidate at LIB, University of Burgundy and I recently joined LIP6's Complex Networks team, Sorbonne Université as a research engineer. As a Ph.D. candidate, I have been studying the interplay between the network's community structure, diffusion models, and influential nodes identification. The work has been under the supervision of Pr. Hocine Cherifi. As a research engineer, I am working on anomaly detection in temporal networks. The work is under the supervision of Dr. Matthieu Latapy.

My research interests include: network science, machine learning, economics, and data science for social good.

Conference proceedings

Journal publications


  • Mobile Programming in React Native (MMIA423): IUT de Dijon, Spring 2022
  • Database Management Systems (IQM2106): IUT de Dijon, Spring 2021
  • Computing Principles and Tools (7L2CNUM4): University of Burgundy, Spring 2021

Academic services

Hobbies and other interests

  • Jogging and walking in nature
  • Watching and playing football
  • Animal rights
  • Music
  • Politics, history, and religion